Getting Started with Embotics® vCommander®

Getting Started

To get started quickly with vCommander, here are the main tasks:

Add a managed system

A managed system is a VMware vCenter server, a Microsoft SCVMM server, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, or a Microsoft Azure subscription.

Retrieve vCenter historical events

Retrieve AWS billing data

Configure directory services

Configure email integration

You should have an understanding of vCommander Access Control before you continue.

See also the Knowledge Base article Understanding the vCommander Ecosystem.

Getting started with cloud automation

Now you're ready to configure the service request process.

Create organizations

Set quotas

Set up a service catalog

Configure service request forms

Create an approval workflow

Configure automated deployment placement

Create a completion workflow

vCommander basics

Navigating the vCommander UI

Managing Your Account

The vCommander Views

Customizing the vCommander Display

Icon Reference  

See also the Knowledge Base article System and Browser Settings.

Video Learning Series

Our Cloud Cost Optimization video shows how vCommander features such as power scheduling, rightsizing and reporting help you reduce your public cloud bill.

The vCommander Private Cloud Quickstart video covers the basic Getting Started tasks.

Other videos cover tasks such as VM naming and reporting.

Technical support and resources

Knowledge Base

Go to our Technical Support Knowledge Base to find articles designed to assist users and administrators during each stage of your engagement:


Log in to the Support website to download all of our documentation in PDF format.

Technical Support

Check your License Agreement for the support terms.

Contact us by sending an email to or by calling 877-599-0494 in Canada and the US, or +1 613-599-0494 from other countries.

Include the following information in your email or have it ready when you call:

your License Agreement number

your contact information

a clear description of the problem