Service Portal User Guide

The Service Portal provides self-service for virtual machines and other services. You can power your services on and off, request new services, request changes to existing services, monitor VM performance and resource usage, and keep an eye on service costs.

Getting Familiar with the New Service Portal

Getting started

How it all works and what you can do. Learn how

Customizing the Service Portal

Set up the Service Portal so it works for you. Learn how

Service requests

Request a service, submit a change request, share a VM, request a clone, track your requests and approve requests. Learn how


Learn how to filter tables or use the complete filter set, save and schedule searches, and export tables. Learn how

Daily operations

Manage power states, connect to VMs, compare VMs, view performance details, rightsize VMs, reconfigure VMs and view guest OS details. Learn how


Everything from service visibility to managing your account. Learn how

Service management

Manage snapshots, manage media, set custom attributes, assign ownership, set expiry dates and set the End of Life state. Learn how

Delegated administration and organization management

Manage organization members, set quota, manage the media library and learn how having multiple roles or being a member in multiple organizations affects how the Service Portal works. Learn how