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Reports menu > Change and Configuration Management > Host Inventory

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All Access Rights Levels

The Host Inventory Report displays details about the hosts that are running in your virtualized infrastructure and the number of VMs on the hosts. It also displays averages and total for the host resources and VMs. For each host, this report displays:

what cluster the host belongs to

the Hypervisor version it is running

how many CPU cores and the type of CPUs it has

memory (in gigabytes)

its model, hardware UUID and manufacturer

the managed system associated with it

its connection state (connected or not connected)

how many running VMs and the total number of VMs it contains

the capacity remaining on the host to add new VMs for both peak and average use and the corresponding constraining resources

Use the Host Inventory Report to:

verify host versions and patch levels

track and verify hardware assets

determine if the cluster configuration is compliant by assessing the CPU type

determine what the constraining resources are on individual hosts (CPU, memory or storage)

determine which hosts are over-deployed by viewing the ratio of total CPU cores assigned to running VMs deployed on a host against the number of CPU cores the host physically has (vCPU)

See Running and Scheduling Reports for printing details.

NotePencil-smallIf you select a custom attribute as a filter for the report, the report is generated for the custom attribute as it applies to the host, not as it applies to any VM.
Host Inventory Report