Managed System Inventory Report

Access through:

Reports menu > Change and Configuration Management > Managed System Inventory

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

The Managed System Inventory Report displays details about the managed systems that are running in your virtualized infrastructure. In addition to summary totals for all managed systems, it displays:

the software version used for each managed system

how many clusters each managed system contains

the total number of hosts, running VMs, all VMs (running and not running), templates and the average number of VMs per host for each managed system

how many datastores are used and how many datastores are shared in each managed system

total storage capacity and a breakdown of used storage and free space for each managed system

Use the Managed System Inventory Report to verify the version of each managed system and to make sure that each one is patched properly.

See Running and Scheduling Reports for printing details.

Managed System Inventory Report