Capacity & Performance Management

Capacity management

vCommander predicts and identifies constraining resources so that you can address bottlenecks before they happen. vCommander also provides rightsizing recommendations coupled with their cost implications, so that users can make informed decisions about the resources they consume.

See the following articles in the Capacity Management category:

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Managing Your vCenter Inventory

Deleting a Deployed Service


Performance optimization

vCommander provides information that allows you to optimize VM, host and cluster performance and resource usage.

By default, vCommander gathers performance data from both vCenter and SCVMM and provides these metrics on the Performance tab for VMs, hosts and clusters. See Viewing the Performance Details of VMs, Hosts and Clusters for details.

You can also go to Views > Solutions > Performance & Resource Optimization to view summary graphs and reports.

vCommander provides rightsizing recommendations for VMs based on VM and guest OS performance data. You can apply the recommendations directly from vCommander or schedule them for later. See Rightsizing VMs. vCommander users can configure the rightsizing engine. See Configuring Rules for VM Rightsizing.

vCommander can also combine guest OS performance data collected from Splunk with the hypervisor VM performance metrics. This allows vCommander to provide more accurate rightsizing recommendations for your virtualized infrastructure, without the need for intensive data storage and data processing. See Integrating Splunk with vCommander. You an also optimize the Update VM Performance query with Splunk.

Both vCommander console users and Service Portal users can use the Reconfigure VM Resources command if they have the appropriate permissions. See Manually Reconfiguring VM Resources. If users do not have the appropriate permissions, they can submit a change request in order to reconfigure VM resources.

report Reports

vCommander provides the following capacity and performance reports.

Host Inventory Report

Cluster Capacity Report

Guest OS Disk Usage Report

Over-provisioned Disk Summary Report

Storage Summary Report

VM Performance Trending Report