What's New in This Release

You asked for it, and we delivered. This release of vCommander is packed with features requested by our customers. If you're upgrading, see Upgrade Notes and Resolved Issues and Enhancements.

Workflow automation

hmtoggle_plus1Configure relationships between custom attributes to create form choice decision trees
hmtoggle_plus1Configure an ordered list of Chef recipes and roles to improve Chef deployment success
hmtoggle_plus1Use logical operators to create more complex conditional workflow steps
hmtoggle_plus1Disable DRS during provisioning to prevent interference with guest OS customization
hmtoggle_plus1Maintenance windows now apply to all service types
hmtoggle_plus1Save the memory state when sharing a VM
hmtoggle_plus1Auto Scaling Groups join the long list of AWS services that are supported by vCommander
Clean up rejected or stalled requestsClean up rejected or stalled requests
hmtoggle_plus1Zerto integration
hmtoggle_plus1Upload files in a service request
hmtoggle_plus1Report on usage of your service catalog

Capacity and resource management

hmtoggle_plus1Cluster capacity calculations take VMware HA reserved capacity into account
hmtoggle_plus1Automatic calculation of average VM workload
hmtoggle_plus1Set aside additional capacity for performance and growth
hmtoggle_plus1Downsizing recommendations can now persist after VM migration

VM Access Proxy support for newer browsers

hmtoggle_plus1WebMKS support allows secure VM console connections using recent browsers and on Mac OSX

Reporting enhancements

hmtoggle_plus1VM Comparative Economics Report now supports Term and Regional pricing for IBM SoftLayer
hmtoggle_plus1Enhanced filtering for the VM Billing Report
hmtoggle_plus1Customize the maximum allowed value for the Quantity request form element

User experience enhancements

hmtoggle_plus1Guest OS Disk Usage Report now provides direct links to VMs
hmtoggle_plus1Users can see which of their VMs are consuming quota on a particular storage tier
hmtoggle_plus1Set the default cost period for initial Service Portal login
hmtoggle_plus1Organization search filter now allows "contains/not contains"
hmtoggle_plus1Quota chart on Service Portal dashboard is improved

REST API enhancements

For more information on the REST API, see the vCommander REST API Getting Started Guide (included with the REST API package). You can also access the built-in reference information here:

https://<vCommander hostname or IP address>:<port>/apihelp/

You can download the REST API PowerShell client here:


hmtoggle_plus1Changes in REST API 5.7.8 (PowerShell client v2.7.4)
hmtoggle_plus1Changes in REST API 5.7.7 (PowerShell client v2.7.3)
hmtoggle_plus1Changes in REST API 5.7.4 (PowerShell client v2.7.2)
hmtoggle_plus1Changes in REST API 5.7.2 (PowerShell Client v2.7.1)
hmtoggle_plus1Changes in REST API Release 5.7.0 GA RC (PowerShell Client v2.7.0)