What's New in This Release

This release brings a brand-new Service Portal user interface and an updated vCommander user interface to match. It also provides new cloud governance and cost optimization features. We've extended our Azure support to include Azure Resource Manager (ARM), with full support for ARM templates. And because even that wasn't enough to keep our passionate development team busy, we've also included several customer-requested enhancements.

If you're upgrading, see also Upgrade Notes and Resolved Issues.

All-new Service Portal user interface

Our Service Portal for end users and delegated admins has a brand-new UI. Our goal was to create a more modern look and feel, remove the need for legacy technology (such as Flash) and provide a richer self-service experience. Here are just a few highlights:

hmtoggle_plus1Intuitive design
hmtoggle_plus1Enhanced navigation
hmtoggle_plus1New dashboard
hmtoggle_plus1Task messages
hmtoggle_plus1Service requests
hmtoggle_plus1Easy service management
hmtoggle_plus1Easier custom theming

Enhanced vCommander user interface

The vCommander UI has been updated to match the look and feel of the Service Portal's UI. This provides vCommander with the same clean look given to the Service Portal, and it provides administrators with a consistent management experience.

New vCommander UI examplesNew vCommander UI examples
hmtoggle_plus1Enhancements to Recommendations
hmtoggle_plus1vCommander now uses HTML5 technology

Azure Resource Manager support

hmtoggle_plus1Support for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) as a virtualization platform

Cloud cost optimization and governance

vCommander cloud governance and cost optimization help reduce your public cloud costs as well as your private infrastructure costs. vCommander not only makes cost-reduction recommendations—it can also implement the recommended changes to your underlying cloud infrastructure. And vCommander helps ensure good public cloud governance through best-practice AWS tagging policies.

Watch our vCommander Cloud Cost Optimization video on YouTube.

hmtoggle_plus1New Getting Started with Cost Optimization wizard


hmtoggle_plus1Memory usage monitoring and memory rightsizing for Amazon EC2 instances
hmtoggle_plus1Reserved Instance purchase recommendations to reduce on-demand costs
hmtoggle_plus1Synchronize AWS tags with custom attributes and metadata
hmtoggle_plus1Apply VM power schedule recommendations to increase elasticity
hmtoggle_plus1Use AWS tags to enforce cloud governance policy
hmtoggle_plus1Use your AWS billing data for accurate VM billing records and reporting
hmtoggle_plus1Improved Chargeback & IT Costing Dashboard

This release of the new cloud cost optimization functionality is a technology preview. We encourage you to reach out to support@embotics.com to provide your input.

Workflow automation

hmtoggle_plus1Modify VM storage resources during a new service request or a change request
hmtoggle_plus1Reconfigure Network  Resources in the Service Portal
hmtoggle_plus1Attach a completion workflow to shared VMs
hmtoggle_plus1Provision Amazon EC2 VMs with an IAM role
hmtoggle_plus1Support for latest AWS VM storage types

Capacity and resource management

hmtoggle_plus1Placement considers storage requirements of concurrent requests

Lifecycle and policy management

hmtoggle_plus1Enhanced Expiry Policy


New supported platforms

hmtoggle_plus1Azure Resource Manager (ARM) support
hmtoggle_plus1vSphere 6.5 support
hmtoggle_plus1Windows Server 2016 supported for vCommander installation
hmtoggle_plus1Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database support