vCommander delivers immediate value with best-practice virtual infrastructure reports, VM sprawl information, and capacity and growth indicators.

Reporting & Analytics

Use the fully customizable reports to create unique views of your virtual infrastructure that can be sent to organizational stakeholders on a regular schedule.


Powerful search capabilities complement the library of predefined reports and enable ad-hoc querying of hundreds of data points. Queries can also be saved for reuse or scheduled for regular delivery via email.

Running searches and reports

Filtering Your View of Tables

Searching with the Complete Filter Set

Running and Scheduling Saved Searches

Exporting Search Results

Running and Scheduling Reports

Using Date Filters for Reporting and Searching

See also our Empower Video Learning Series reporting overview.

Capacity and Performance Reports

Cluster Capacity Report

Guest OS Disk Usage Report

Over-provisioned Disk Summary Report

Storage Summary Report

VM Performance Trending Report

Change and Configuration Management Reports

Application Summary Report

Guest OS Disk Usage Report

Guest OS Summary Report

Host Inventory Report

Managed System Inventory Report

Snapshot Summary Report

Virtual Infrastructure Summary Report

VM Inventory Report

VM Population Trending Report

Chargeback and IT Costing Reports

Guest OS Summary Report

Offline VM Aging Costs Report

Offline VM Aging Savings Report

Over-provisioned Disk Summary Report

Reserved Instance Planner Report

VM Billing Report

VM Comparative Economics Report

Lifecycle Management Reports

Activity Report

Reclamation Report

Service Fulfillment Report

Unlinked Files Report

VM Population Trending Report