Using Variables to Access vCommander Metadata for Workflows

Variables provide access to vCommander metadata, allowing integration with other systems. You can pass variables to workflow scripts and insert variables in workflow emails.

For basic syntax, see Variable Syntax for Emails and Scripts.

You might want to start with the examples:

Example: Mapping Request Form Fields to Variables

Example: Using Variables in Approval Emails

Example: Specify the Network through an Approval Workflow Script

See also the Knowledge Base article, Specifying VM Names Using Request Form Values.

For more examples of using variables in workflows, see:

Walk-Through: Creating a Workflow

Using Script Output as Input to a Workflow Step

If you require other variables, please contact

You can also use variables:

in naming conventions. See Customizing Naming Conventions.

in AWS user data. See AWS User Data Syntax and Supported Variables.

Finally, you can also specify deployment parameters when approving a request and in approval workflow scripts. You can do this through substitution variables (see Specifying Deployment Parameters Through Substitution Variables). You can also specify network deployment parameters for VMWare VMs through REST V3 API calls (see Specifying Deployment Parameters Through REST Calls).