Improved VM Access Proxy

The Commander VM Access Proxy allows you to secure your virtualized infrastructure behind a firewall while still permitting your users secure console, RDP, VNC, and SSH access to their VMs.

The following improvements have been made to version 3.4 of the Commander VM Access Proxy:

  • A container-based installation process, which is simpler and will provide easier upgrades in the future.
  • Security enhancements.
  • Improved copy/paste functionality in Secure RDP, Secure SSH, and Secure VNC connections.
  • The ability to install the VM Access Proxy on a machine with a Linux distribution of your choice that complies with your company's best practices and security requirements.

For more information, see Setting Up VM Access Proxies.

If you are upgrading to Commander Release 8.4, and you currently use a Commander VM Access Proxy, see Redeploying the Commander VM Access Proxy.