AWS Reserved Instance Reports

We've introduced two new reports to help you optimize your AWS EC2 reserved instance purchases for managing and governing your cloud costs.

Reserved Instance Utilization report

With the Reserved Instance Utilization report, you can verify that your resources are being utilized as forecast and track down any underutilized reservations. You can see usage costs for RIs and compare cost savings to on-demand instances.

Reserved Instance Utilization Report Dialog

Reserved Instance Utilization Report

For more information, see Reserved Instance Utilization Report.

Reserved Instance Coverage report

Use this report to identify instance hours that aren't covered by RIs, highlighting opportunities for savings. Optimize your RI purchases for cost efficiency by identifying instance hours that are consistently running at on-demand rates and purchasing the appropriate new RIs. This report is also useful to identify EC2 instances that aren't using RIs, so you can change or delete them.

Reserved Instance Coverage Report Dialog

Reserved Instance Coverage Report

For more information, see Reserved Instance Coverage Report.