REST v3 API Features

We're continuing to expand the REST v3 API. In this release, we've added a number of features in the areas of deployment destinations, directory services, roles, cost models, and licenses.

To get started, see Getting Started with the Commander REST v3 API in the REST APIs Guide. To browse the API reference, see Snow Commander REST API.

Recalculate markup

This feature is available in version 8.3.1 and later. You can now use REST v3 to retroactively change past markup configuration and trigger a recalculation of markup costs. This can be helpful if there's a contract change or an earlier misconfiguration. Billing records won't be removed and re-retrieved — only the historical markup costs will be configured and/or recalculated.

Manage deployment destinations

You can now manage deployment destinations for AWS, Azure, GCP, SCVMM, and VMware cloud accounts. This allows you to automate the on-boarding of new Commander instances. This includes: 

  • creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting deployment destinations
  • browsing deployment destinations and filtering by name and cloud account
  • assigning users and organizations to deployment destinations
  • assigning placement attributes to deployment destinations

Manage directory services

You can now manage AD and LDAP directory services, so you can leverage your existing group hierarchies. This includes: 

  • integrating a directory service with Commander
  • browsing directory services and filtering by name and type
  • retrieving the properties of a directory service
  • updating and deleting directory services

Retrieve user roles

You can now manage user roles by doing the following:

  • browsing user roles
  • retrieving the properties and permissions of a role

Retrieve virtual machine license details

You can now retrieve the licensing properties for AWS and Azure virtual machines.

Retrieve cost models

You can now manage markup and discount cost model configurations through the REST API. This includes: 

  • browsing cost models and filter by modified date
  • retrieving the details of a cost model

Retrieve additional resources

We've extended the number of resources that can be browsed and filtered through the REST API. This allows you to discover the resources required to create deployment destinations. This includes:

  • browsing key pairs and filtering by name and cloud account
  • browsing security groups and filtering by name, cloud account, region, and virtual cloud
  • browsing distributed switches and filtering by name, cloud account, host, cluster, and resource pool
  • browsing standard switches and filtering by name and host