What's New in Version 8.3

Snow Commander Version 8.3 brings cloud management and software asset management together, and introduces the tracking and display of software licensing information for public cloud Windows VMs and SQL databases. This new functionality helps to reduce your cloud expenses because it provides insights for which of your cloud resources are accruing costs for MS Server and SQL Server software licenses, and which can take advantage of Azure Hybrid Benefits (AHB) and AWS Bring Your Own License (BYOL) licensing models.

As part of this new licensing functionality, in Commander you can now view all the SQL databases that you have deployed to Azure and quickly determine if they are taking advantage of the AHB. From Commander you can also perform administrative actions on those Azure SQL databases.

A predefined Azure Software License report is now provided. You can run this report to determine potential savings for Windows Server and SQL Server license savings for Azure accounts.

To accompany this Commander release, we're also offering an updated VM Access Proxy. This VM Access Proxy now uses a container-based installation process, which provides a simpler installation, security enhancements, and easier upgrades in the future. We're also now tracking Tenancy in AWS, to help provide insight on potential BYOL potential savings and violations.

We've also enhanced the orchestration engine so that you can now use credentials as environment variables in scripts to execute workflow steps. Using environment variables makes workflows easier to configure and increases your ability to work securely by keeping your credentials out of the code.

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