Using Events and Tasks for Troubleshooting

Tasks track what the system is doing to carry out a command and display a status such as Running, Completed or Failed.

Note: You can see events and tasks only if you have been assigned permission by your system administrator.

Viewing all current tasks and related events

The Service Portal displays a log of all tasks from the last 30 days on the Tasks page. These tasks help you track activity. You can perform a basic search for a task using the search fields displayed in the drop-down panel.

To view the events related to a task, click the drop-down arrow next to a task. All related events for the task you selected are listed.

task displayed in the Service Portal Window

Viewing tasks and events for a single VM or service

To view tasks and events for a single VM or service:

  1. Select a VM or service from the Applications page.
  2. Expand the Tasks from the last 30 days and Events from the last 30 days drop-down panels to see a list of tasks and events that have occurred.

Note: Events can be independent of user action, and can be initiated outside Commander, such as in the AWS console. For example, if a VM's IP address changed, this would be shown only in the VM's Events drop-down panel and not on the Tasks page.