How Much Services Cost

Commander can display a service's:

  • Estimated cost — Commander calculates the estimated cost of a service on an annual basis by adding the storage costs, operating system costs, support costs and custom attribute costs to the cost of the allocated or reserved resources for the service. To learn how to edit the costs that Commander uses in its calculations, see Configuring Cost Models.
  • Actual cost — Actual costs are displayed only for AWS and Azure services and are taken directly from historical billing data. Actual costs include prepaid amounts, overages, promotions and adjustments. Business support and taxes are shown on the first day of the month and aren't calculated per VM. To learn how to retrieve billing data, see Retrieving AWS Billing Data and Retrieving Azure Billing Data.

    Actual costs aren't shown for GCP instances. GCP charges aggregated CPU and memory usage costs, grouped by project and service type; GCP billing data doesn't include costs for individual VMs.

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Viewing estimated and actual costs

Access through:

Views menu > Inventory > Infrastructure or Applications

Available to:

Any level of Access Rights

The cost of a service is displayed on the Details pane of the service's Summary tab.

By default, Estimated Costs are shown, but you can also display the Actual Costs. To learn how to display the Actual Costs property in the Details pane, see Displaying properties.

Cost Summary Dialog

In the Details pane, click the blue Details link next to Estimated Costs or Actual Costs to open the Costs Details dialog.

Use the drop-down lists to select either Estimated Costs or Actual Costs and the time period.

Costs Details dialog

The cost of a public Azure image is always displayed as $0. Azure costs don't include taxes.

Costs and the service catalog

Because deployment decisions (for example, target host or cluster and storage location) can affect the total cost of a service when it's deployed, the cost of a service in the Service Catalog may not match that displayed for the source service in the tree. The Estimated Cost displayed in the Details pane for a VM template includes only storage and custom attribute costs; it doesn't include CPU, memory or operating system costs. The cost displayed for that same template when added to the Service Catalog, however, includes all resource costs. The Service Catalog cost provides you with a more realistic view of what the template would cost when deployed as a VM.

Also note that the Service Catalog costs displayed in Commander may not match those displayed in the Service Portal. In the Service Portal, service catalog costs are based on the provisioning destinations assigned to the user. If multiple destinations are assigned, or no destination is available, Commander displays the most reasonable cost estimate. If a Service Portal user chooses the destination on the request form, the displayed costs change accordingly.

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