Month-to-date Cost

Access through:

Views > Cost Analytics > Summary tab

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

The Month-to-date Cost chart helps you to predict what your total costs will be at the end of the month. It also helps you to understand if your costs are growing over the previous month, and gives you a chance to intervene if this is unexpected.

When unfiltered, the Month-to-date Cost chart shows:

  • Cumulative costs of the previous month (light solid line).
  • Costs from the beginning of the current month until yesterday for private clouds and until the day before yesterday for public clouds (dark solid line).
  • Estimated costs for the remainder of the current month (dotted line).

The predicted cost is calculated using a linear regression algorithm on the daily cost value.

In the Month-to-date Cost chart, you can do view following:

  • Hover over lines in this chart to see basic cost details for each day.
  • Click the lines of this chart to view the Daily Cost for each day and a breakdown of individual daily costs.
  • Click the legend of this chart to show or hide the corresponding line in the chart.
  • Use the Export button to download the Month-to-date Cost table in XLS format.
  • Use the general Cost Analytics filters to view subsets of the month-to-date costs.

Month-to-date Costs

If you don’t see the costs you expect to see, or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.