Assigning Network Zones

A network zone is a label that describe a network's purpose within your infrastructure — for example, DMZ, Corporate Intranet, Storage or Production. Network zones:

  • enable your users to select a network when requesting a new service, without requiring an understanding of the underlying infrastructure. Requesters can also add or change network adapters for the service, and each can reside on a different network.
  • help administrators keep track of a large list of networks
  • simplify automated deployment in multi-tenant environments. For example, you can assign the same zone to different networks, create one service catalog entry for all organizations, and allow a user to select from several network zones. You can create a separate deployment destination for each organization and configure different networks in each destination.
  • simplify automated deployment when using multiple managed system types. You can assign the same zone to networks on different managed systems, so that for example, your users just need to select "DMZ" whether they're requesting an AWS service or a vCenter service.

Important: Make sure networks are always available to back the network zones. If no network of the specified zone is available on the target managed system, automated deployment will fail.

See also Networking and IP Management for a general overview of Commander networking.

Creating and managing network zones

Access through:

Configuration > IP Pools and Networking > Networking tab

Available to:

Commander Role of Superuser or Enterprise Admin

You manage network zones on the Network Zones page. Three zones are created by default: Dev, DMZ and Production.

  • To create a zone: Click Add, enter a name and click OK.
  • To rename a zone: Select it in the list and click Rename.
  • To delete a zone: Select it in the list and click Delete. Note that you can't delete a zone that's currently applied to a network.

Applying zones to a network

Access through:

Views > Inventory > Infrastructure or Applications view

Available to:

Administrator Access Rights

To apply a zone to a network:

  1. Navigate to a level of the tree in the Infrastructure or Applications where the Networks tab or the Subnets tab appears. See Viewing Network Details above to learn more.
  2. Select the Networks or Subnets tab, then select one or more networks or subnets in the list.
  3. Right-click and choose Set Network Zone.
  4. In the Set Network Zone dialog, select a network zone from the list and click OK.

    To remove a network zone assignment, select the blank entry in the drop-down list.