Managing Recommendations

Commander generates recommendations to help you optimize VM performance and minimize cost. The following types of recommendations are available:

To view all recommendations, go to Tools > Recommendations.

About cloud expense management

To benefit most from Commander's cloud expense management, carry out the following steps:

  1. Apply rightsizing recommendations.
  2. Configure and apply power schedule recommendations.
  3. For AWS, use Reserved Instance recommendations or the Reserved Instance Planner report to guide your RI purchases.

    Note: If you begin with RI planning, you may end up purchasing the wrong size or quantity of RIs, which can be an expensive mistake.

  4. Monitor and repeat.

Cost optimization is an ongoing, iterative process. Once you've rightsized, set power schedules and purchased RIs, it's critical to monitor your cloud platform infrastructure and your bill, and continually optimize.

Watch our Cloud Cost Optimization video to learn about the features that work together to reduce your cloud costs.

Rightsizing recommendations

Commander generates rightsizing recommendations for VMs based on data retrieved from cloud accounts (and optionally from third-party performance monitoring tools).

To view only memory rightsizing recommendations, enter memory in the filter field. To view only instance type rightsizing recommendations, enter instance type in the filter field. To view only downsizing recommendations, enter down in the filter field.

To customize the rules used to generate rightsizing recommendations, go to Configuration > Groups > Rightsizing.

For more information, see Rightsizing VMs and Instances and Configuring Rules for VM Rightsizing.

Power schedule recommendations

Power schedule groups help to ensure that VMs are powered on when needed and powered off when not needed, to minimize cost without hindering productivity. Commander issues power schedule recommendations for VMs.

To view only power schedule recommendations, enter power in the filter field.

To customize the rules used to generate power schedule recommendations, go to Configuration > Groups > Power Schedule, and click Configure Recommendations.

For more information, see Configuring and Applying Power Schedule Recommendations.

Reserved Instance purchase recommendations

Commander generates recommendations to purchase Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, which provide a significant discount compared with on-demand pricing. Based on your Amazon EC2 instance uptime, Commander recommends EC2 Reserved Instance purchases for each region and shows you the projected savings for each purchase.

To view only Reserved Instance recommendations, enter reserved in the filter field.

To customize the rules used to generate RI purchase recommendations, go to Configuration > Costs and navigate to the RI Recommendation Configuration tab.

For more information, see Managing Reserved Instance Recommendations.