Software Summary Report

The Software Summary Report displays how many software instances on Windows VMs are installed in your virtualized infrastructure. Information from this report is retrieved from guest OS scanning. Use this report to help you quickly identify your software licensing requirements for Windows VMs.

The report indicates the total number of Windows VMs in your virtualized infrastructure, and the number of Windows VMs that have undergone a guest OS scan and that have at least one software instance.

Note: The number of scanned VMs excludes any Windows 2003 VMs that don't have any software because they don't have the WIN32_Product WMI provider installed.

The following describes the elements included in the report:

Generating the Software Summary Report

Access through:

Reports > Change & Configuration Management > Software Summary

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

To generate the report:

  1. In the Include VM List field, select Yes or No depending on whether you want the report to display the Software VM List table.
  2. Optional: Enter a Comment.
  3. Click Generate.