Storage Summary Report

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Reports > Capacity & Performance > Storage Summary

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The Storage Summary Report provides information about the amount of storage used by both in inventory and out of inventory VMs, including templates. This report also displays the yearly costs associated with the use of storage.

Note: Before you generate a Storage Summary Report, run a scan on all your datastores. If a datastore has not been scanned, then the Storage Summary Report can't display up-to-date information. For information on scanning datastores, see Scanning vCenter Datastores.

The costs displayed are based upon the amounts entered in the Resources and Support sections of the Costs menu item under the Configuration menu. Storage costs for a VM are calculated by Commander based on whether or not the VM is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned.

Note: This report doesn't support any markup and discount cost adjustments you have made to the cost model and isn't expected to be exposed for Service Portal users.

The Storage Summary Report includes a Summary section, which shows the following information:

  • number of deployed VMs and templates
  • total size of VMs
  • total annual cost of storage per VM
  • total cost of software and support for all VMs (the total cost of software and support for all VMs will always be zero for out of inventory VMs)

The report also includes a Top 5 VMs by Size section, which shows their annual storage cost and what datastore they are located on. The top five VMs are those found in inventory only.

The Summary of Datastore Usage chart displays the aggregate of all datastore usage. In addition, a chart for each datastore device is displayed to reflect the usage of the individual datastore devices.

Finally, the VM Details section displays all VMs by host, datastore name, primary owners, hard drive consumption in GB, and annual storage cost.