Filtering Your View of Tables

Using the Quick Search or by choosing search filters, you can filter any table of information, such as the Virtual Machines tab.

Quick search: filtering tables using the default properties

Access through:

Views menu > Operational, Deployed, or Storage > Various tabs > tables

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

The Quick Search allows you to filter tables on all of the tabs in the Operational, Deployed, and Storage views, as well as several other lists such as IP pools and organizations. Just enter a few characters in the search field to narrow your view. The quick search uses a default set of the most common properties for each list. Hover over the help-16x16 icon to learn what properties are searched.

Quick Search

Choosing filters to narrow your view of tables

Access through:

Views menu > Operational, Deployed, or Storage > Various tabs > tables

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

While the Quick Search uses a set of default properties, you can also choose filters to narrow the current view. To learn more about each filter, see Properties Reference.

To choose filters for your search:

  1. Click Show Advanced Filters.
  2. Click the drop-down menu for the type of filter and select the filter you want.

    The list of filters changes depending on the tab you choose. The Virtual Machines tab was selected for the following example.


  3. Depending on the filter you selected in the previous step, different criteria are available from the list in the next drop-down menu such as (this is a partial list only):
    • contains
    • doesn't contain
    • equals
    • doesn't equal
    • is
    • isn't
    • on
    • not on
  4. For the third field, either select another filter or enter a full or partial character string as allowed.
  5. You can use the following variables in this field:

    • * for a replacement of one or more characters
    • ? to replace a single character

    If you want to search for a VM that contains * or ? in its name and you want to use either of those characters in your search, enter \* or \?

  6. To search using more than one filter at a time, click the + sign and repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you're satisfied. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  7. If the results haven't been filtered automatically, click Search.

    The information pane displays items that contain the information you requested.

    If nothing matches the selected filter, the information pane is empty.

  8. To delete a filter, click Delete.
  9. To clear all filters, click Clear.

    See Exporting Search Results to learn how to export your search results.