Cost Analytics

Cost Analytics allow you to see the cost of all services across all managed systems, providing you with the data you need to make informed cloud cost decisions. Costs include both the costs for VMs and other services that are managed by vCommander and the costs for resources and services that aren't managed by vCommander, but will show up on your bill. Examples of services that vCommander doesn't manage are Data Management and Security Center/Services.

In this section:

Viewing Cost Analytics charts and tables

Access through:

Views > Solutions > Cost Analytics

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

Cost Analytics can show:

You can use this information to guide policy creation. For example, you may want to create policies that shut down the most expensive services during on-peak hours or migrate certain services from one managed system to another.

You can also export charts in JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG format.

For information on prerequisites, see Setting Up Cost Analytics.